Welcome to my Website!

this is where a table of contents will go so people won't have to scroll past my explanation of me as a person because apparently i like talking about myself wow!!!!!!!!!

This is a paragraph! It's where I talk about myself and why I'm here.

basically i want a place to throw my art and be able to link on various other places like (micro)blogs and stuff so when people say "wow i hate that you use your blog as a blog" i can be like wao here you go blogless gallery golly gosh gee whizz please never say words again!


Okay but actually:

I'm a millenial, ace, perpetually frustrated and often complaining. I know it gets on people's nerves because people do tell me that. I managed to seperate it enough on the bird site back in the day by having an art account and a regular account I actually used however I need to work on that more elsewhere.

I appreciate your interest and I'll do my best to keep these pages as no-nonsense as possible. While I can appreciate the 90s aesthetic a lot of sites are going for using this service, I do find myself remembering why we left that in the past in the first place. While I can't promise I won't experiment more in the future I will say that I will do my best to prevent it from becoming an accessibility nightmare or anything that might break in future browser versions due to the thing being deprecated or discontinued entirely. You're not gonna find any video nonsense and if you do it'll hopefully just be a direct link to the file itself and/or a mirror to whatever the most stable host of said video is at the time.

This is a big WIP and nobody should be seeing this right now. If they do, hello! Don't mind the mess. I'll find a suitable "under construction" gif at some point and/or make one myself. Actually a big beefy furry in a construction outfit would be pretty amusing if I could make it look really nice and then compress it into a tiny gif with an untextured 'under construction' 3d road sign or some shit that's animated overlaid ontop just for laughs and like old times.

Here's how you make a link which I already know how to do! I'll put some links here for my various social medias and galleries, maybe with 50px icons of each app or some shit so it's easy to tell although I am also tempted to draw my own: Neocities.

Here's how you can make bold and italic text and I gotta say I like strong things.

Here's how you can add an image that is really boring because it isn't furry kink trash.:

Here's how to make a list which I didn't pay attention to and wrote that shit up above but for now i'll use it as a to-do list:

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials which I probably will but I may just bang my head against this and search random terms in the hopes some site will just vomit the correct code I'm looking for!